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Aromao 2021-07-27


Carthusia, an Italian salon niche perfume brand. The story can be traced back to 1380 AD, when an alchemist extracted the first bottle of perfume on the island of Capri from the water soaked in flowers. The fragrance was overflowing. In 1948, the bishop of the monastery discovered this secret recipe and gave it to a chemist in Turin. Subsequently, the chemist founded the Carthusia perfume brand on the island of Capri.

In June 2021, Carthusia launched a new fragrance: A'mmare, which aims to lead us on a coastal journey. The illustration of the bottle of Shanghai coral is unique and unforgettable.

On the blue horizon, the bright bergamot meets the tempting rosemary, fresh and slightly warm and spicy. Cedar, guaiac, patchouli and musk are a mysterious and far-reaching forest, where precious magic can be seen everywhere.


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