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Kenzo Homme Eau de Toilette Intense

Aromao 2021-07-27


KENZO was founded by TAKADA KENZO in France. It combines the calm mood of Eastern culture, the enthusiasm and liveliness of the Latin nation, and boldly and innovatively blends colorful colors and flowers to create lively, bright, elegant and unique works. KENZO has emerged in the fashion industry since 1970, and joined the Louis Vuitton LVMH Group in 1993. Since then, KENZO's clothing, accessories, tableware and perfumes have been widely welcomed.

In June 2021, Kenzo Takada (KENZO) launched a new fragrance: Kenzo Homme Eau de Toilette Intense of the same name. The perfumer of this perfume is Quentin Bisch (Quentin Bisch).Reinterpret the classic fragrance, showing a unique and timeless charm through a highly recognizable fragrance.

Inspired by the tough bamboo and the tranquil sea breeze, the warm and spicy pink pepper forms a sharp contrast with the fresh sea breeze, followed by the warm scent of figs and sandalwood, just like the summer sun covering salty skin. Brings a full sense of security, and makes people feel extremely comfortable and at ease.


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