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Scandal Golden

Aromao 2021-07-27


Jean-Paul Gaultier, born in Paris on April 24, 1952, is an actor and costume designer. Entering the industry around the 1970s, with his dramatic style, he won the reputation of "Bad Boys in Paris" for himself. In 2003, he was hired as the artistic director of the Hermès brand. At the end of September 2014, the 2015 Spring/Summer Women's Wear Conference held at Paris Fashion Week was the final piece of personal clothing. After that, Gautier only focused on the brand's haute couture business and the launch of fragrance and accessories products, as well as related cross-border cooperation projects with the rest of the industry.
In July 2021, Gaultier (Jean-Paul Gaultier) launched a new fragrance: Scandal Gold. This is Gaultier's love letter to the Middle East. It is a fascinating spirit, mystery and sense of the land. An olfactory interpretation of charm.
A strong and luxurious reinterpretation of Scandal, SCANDAL GOLD's oriental leather chypre fragrance embodies pure and fortitude femininity. The powerful blend of honey and rose essential oils, the charming jasmine scent, and the charming saffron, sandalwood and leather scents demonstrate the extraordinary charm of women.


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