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Byredo’s Mixed Emotions

Aromao 2021-06-10


Byredo transforms abstract thinking ideas and scattered memories into various smells to share with everyone. Byredo has launched a new fragrance: Mixed Emotions, which aims to depict the complex thoughts and the entanglement of love and hatred in people's hearts at the emergence stage.

"We are working on canning emotions. I hope people read the labels and recognize this emotion in the simplest form, and then find something deeper, juxtaposition between familiarity and unfamiliarity." Director Ben Gorham said so.

Mixed Emotions is an scent that can reflect the breath of the times. It compares known and unexpected things to form a contrasting scent.
The sweet black currant and the delightful yerba mate opened the curtain of aroma, and then the soothing Ceylon tea was slowly drawn out, mixed with the aroma of violet leaves, gentle and inviting. Finally, the breath of birch and papyrus gives a sense of wood comfort.

The top notes of this perfume are black currant and yerba mate; the middle notes are Ceylon tea and violet leaves; the bottom notes are birch wood and papyrus.


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