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Tommy Hilfiger Tommy Now Them

Aromao 2021-06-10


As early as the mid-90s and early 1920s, Tommy Hilfiger marked this generation with the iconic Tommy perfume. Today, the brand has updated its signature scent for its new generation of products.

Following the release of Tommy Now and Tommy Girl Now fragrances in 2018, Tommy Hilfiger launched a limited edition unisex fragrance Tommy Now Them in 2021. This is a fresh woody scent that combines the best ingredients of Tommy Now and Tommy Girl Now. The energetic and inviting aroma highlights the lightness unique to modern times.

Bright, fresh citrus scent is mixed with pink pepper, and geranium contrasts sharply with the warm, spicy flavor of ginger and cardamom. Soft sandalwood, earthy moss and delicate cashmere aromas form the basis of the fragrance, which is the perfect balance between freshness and spicy.

The top notes of this perfume are bergamot, pink pepper, and pear. The middle notes are geranium, cardamom, and ginger. The base notes are moss, sandalwood and cashmere.


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