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Patou pour Homme Jean Patou

Aromao 2021-01-28


Last year, Jean Patou fell into the hands of LVMH like an overripe fruit in the palms of a patiently waiting person, and the concern is that they are not going to resume the brand's perfume production.

The two Patou pour Homme versions: The original fragrance was created by Jean Kerleo in 1980. The revival of the fragrance within the Collection Heritage (2013) was carried out by Thomas Fontaine, who became a perfumer on the Jean Patou scholarship and is known for the revival of some fragrances from Lubin, Le Galion, and Jean Charles Brosseau.

Sweetness is a key feature of Patou Pour Homme Collection Heritage, along with freshness. Champagne pineapples if you like. In the heart, the violet leaves of Fahrenheit echo slightly to lavender, and if you do not know that they are here, then it is difficult to find them. Its scabrous base pushes the sweetness towards the animal side without reaching the power of '80s scents.

Vintage Patou pour Homme is a much darker, harsher concoction, its beginning echoes the fougere Balafre Brun Lancome and even the leathery Derby Guerlain. Clary sage, lavender, and black pepper are initially inferior to patchouli, cedar, and the leather base accord.


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